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Worth County makes every attempt to contact interested vendors when requesting bids, however it is not always feasible that all interested vendors are notified. Therefore, bids are advertised through local Worth County media, as well as potentially contacting other media outlets located in Gentry and Nodaway counties. If you would like to receive bid information send your contact information to the County Clerk at

Bid Submittal

One original and one signed copy of the bid must be received in a sealed envelope plainly marked according to the bid instructions with the date and time of the bid opening in the lower alert corner of the envelope. An authorized representative of the company/person submitting the bid must sign bids.


Prior to the bid opening, bids must be submitted to:

Worth County
County Clerk
PO Box 450
11 West 4th Street
Grant City, MO 64456

Worth County reserves the right to accept and/or reject any and all bids. Bid results may be obtained by request to the County Clerk's office either in writing or in person. Please include the name and number of the bid and date of the bid opening when requesting the form. The time it takes for final bid results to be made public depends on the complexity of the project and the cost of the project.

Please call our County Clerk at 660-564-2219 with any inquiries or questions.

Current Bid Openings

There are no current open bids. For more information contact the County Clerk’s Office at (66) 564-2219

The County reserves the right to to reject any or all bids.

Worth County accepted the following bids:

  • Worth County accepted a bid from Wieland Hauling company to haul the rock for 2019.

  • Worth County accepted bids from Norris Quarries and Schildberg Construction for rock for 2019.

  • Worth County accepted a bid from MFA Oil Company for fuel for 2019.

  • Worth County accepted a bid from Metal Culverts for culvert needs for 2019.

  • Worth County accepted a bid for salvage scrap metal removal from Bob Goble for 2019.

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